Job positions
Copenhagen S
Backend developer is the site with the most content in Denmark. Most of this content is added by journalists via an enormous Drupal installation. The backend team, makes sure that the platform is updated and running smoothly, to accomodate the users’ needs. Other backend systems, that we also maintain, copy and transform data from the Drupal database, passing it onto other systems, from where the frontend can consume the data.

Tools and processes that we use include

  • PHP
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Circle CI
  • Scrum
Copenhagen NV
Developer / Team Tech Lead

Peytz & Co are mostly known for delivering excellent CMS-sites to a wide range of customers. As part of the applications team, I develop client solutions that require custom development, built with non-CMS technologies such as the PHP Symfony or Zend frameworks and the Go programming language.

Since February ’17 when 10 new employees joined our department, we divided ourselves in two teams with me as one of the appointed Team Tech Leads. As a tech lead I design and estimate solutions, help with solving various technical issues that we as developers tend to run into, and make sure that we have a well documented set of best practices for processes and technologies.

  • PHP Symfony
  • Go
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Docker
  • MongoDB
Ruby on Rails developer

From July 2017 to June 2019 I joined the Mail team in Peytz. In this division we provide an advanced platform for managing and sending out newsletters to millions of subscribers every day. We do this for our clients, such as Danmarks Radio, TV 2, Politiken, Ekstra Bladet, Watch Medier, 3F, FOA, Dansk Jægerforbund and many others. The application is built with Ruby on Rails on top of a Mongo DB, and runs on the Google Cloud Platform using Google Kubernetes Engine.

Copenhagen K
Co-founder and tech-dude

I started HHAPPS with long-term friend Hans Landgreen in 2014. Originally we wanted to develop our own software, but as it turned out, we became more involved with developing software for clients…

In 2016 we made the decision to market HHAPPS as a Web Design Agency and moved in with Chimney Group who had just moved into the brand new Turbinehuset.

Aside from running the business together with Hans, I supervised our designs and UX, although the majority of my time was assigned to Ruby and PHP programming as well as system administration.

  • UX / Design / QA
  • WordPress (PHP)
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Systems administration (FreeBSD)
  • Product management / Scrum Product Owner
Senior System developer at 4Sound

The project I was involved with at provided a new corporate multi-lingual website with advanced product search capabilities and much more. It also provided important integration subsystems for keeping data up to date in between internal business systems, vendor-provided data and the business website itself.

  • C# programming
  • Systems analysis
  • Database design
  • T-SQL (Transact SQL) developing
System developer

Comendo Security core products include spamFence, mailFence – world renowned high performance security products for small companies as well as large corporations.

I joined a small team of highly skilled developers and got back to doing what I do best: Analysis and development.

I was mainly responsible for the middle layer applications: A set of web services written in Perl, but did also a certain amount of Sieve++ development (a scripting language for the Ecelerity mail server) and some Bash shell scripting for CentOS.

The team as well as the internal clients was especially pleased by the higher level of pre-implementation analysis and documentation I introduced.

  • Perl programming
  • PHP programming
  • Systems analysis
Nice long vacation

After finishing a rather large personal project combined with some very hectic months at Inlead, it was time for me to take a break. During this break I worked a little bit at a kindergarten, took a taxi driver’s license and generally did as little as possible that reminded me of office-working.

  • Looking after children
  • Cab driving
Copenhagen N
Technical project manager

At Inlead I functioned as the center of communication between the sales and management staff in Copenhagen and the development team in Ukraine.

It was my job to work out documentation describing the commercial requirements and the technical details as well as trying to keep everything stable in a very dynamic organisation.

  • Systems analysis
  • Task managing in Fogbugz / Trac
Copenhagen SV
Senior Systems developer

Working at Telenor was a very exciting experience, that allowed me to work with systems development in a much more professional manner, and within a very large organisation.

During my two years I got to have different roles, starting as the developer, moving on to managing small projects and in the end designing new solutions and assisting other developers as part of the architect team.

It was also here I got working experience with formal processes, source control, UML diagramming, Perl programming, deployment, enterprise architecture and much more.

  • VB.Net programming
  • Oracle PL/SQL programming
  • Perl programming
  • Systems analysis
Copenhagen K / Aarhus C
Information technologist

Back at Musikhuset Aage Jensen, this time as a key information technologist, I took on a lot of exciting tasks such as:

* Upgrading the entire server and network infrastructure
* Streamlining a lot of processes to reduce the support load on IT
* Converted static-file based website into a simple CMS
* Wrote a handful of Windows tools to automate manual procedures
* Editor and proof reader for printed magazine
* … and so much more…

  • ASP and C# programming
  • System / database / network administration
  • Assisting editor / proof reader
Copenhagen K
PHP programmer

A small bookshop in central Copenhagen, specializing in maps and traveller’s books, but also with their own little back-yard factory producing wall maps – primarily aimed at schools.

Aside from managing the collection of desktop computers, the network and the two Linux servers, my main job was to upgrade the PHP-code behind the webshop.

  • PHP programming
  • Linux and Windows system administration
World Online / Tiscali
Copenhagen Ø
Help desk supporter

The position at World Online (later acquired by Tiscali) was my first IT job experience, and obviously I learned a lot during this period. Many of my colleagues were already experienced with high technology and advanced network topics – and some were also skilled developers.

Working for an ISP got me access to ADSL connection before any of my friends, but even more exciting was the free PHP/MySQL enabled website that came along with it. In fact, this was when I purchased the domain ‘’ which I’ve owned ever since 🙂

Tasks included:

  • Technical support for entry-level internet users.  These customers had generally no experience with modems or computers, and had to be guided over the phone.
  • Technical support for experienced business customers. This would include network support and DSLAM configuration with Cisco IOS.
  • PHP/MySQL programming of our own planning tool with custom interfaces for both  the Support manager and the Support team members.
  • Technical support to beginners and professionals
  • PHP programming
Copenhagen K / Aarhus C
Seller and supporter of high tech musical equipment

Musikhuset Aage Jensen (generally known simply as ‘Aage’) is the largest reseller of musical instruments and other gear for musicians in Denmark. They serve beginners as well as some of the most well known professional musicians and producers in Denmark, and because they attract the most passionate employees everybody gets first class guidance and support.

I have worked with the company more than once, and I am proud to be able to label myself as a part of their continued success.

  • Sales, pre-sales and technical support of samplers, synthesizers, music software and studio equipment
  • In-store events such as demonstration of new products