# === helloworld.rb
puts 'Hello world'

# === helloworld.ksp
on init
  message("Hello world")
end on

I’ve been working on many projects using different technologies since I began writing code around 1999. In 2014 I got to know Ruby on Rails, and although Ruby differs in many ways from the languages I used to write, it quickly became my favourite tool for web applications.

Today I’m using Ruby on Rails in almost all the projects I work on, including https://peytzmail.comhttps://app.globalog.comhttps://hoering.dk and https://behaviourtool.org

As a side project, I’m also developing the Beaotic sound library for the Kontakt sampler. The script behind the user interface is written in KSP – a scripting language specifically for Kontakt. Since KSP is a procedural language, I’ve begun writing an application in Ruby to make the KSP development process a more pleasant, object oriented experience – although only for Ruby developers… 

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New job in Peytz Mail

This summer I turned my office-chair around to work in another department here at Peytz & Co – more specifically the Mail team. Here we are developing a very advanced platform for composing and sending out newsletters. The product is being used by prominent and demanding clients including Politiken, DR, FOA, Bonnier Publications, Beoplay, Storebaelt, … Read more